Welcome to the wild and wonderful hell months of Wiregrass SCCA autocross.  With a heat index of 110F, Wes Hughson takes Top Pax, followed by Nathan Gordon and his shiny new trailer, and Jesse Waymire who could only coax his car to make 2 runs before the POS2000 passed out from the heat.  Raw times had Jesse, followed by Wes and Nate. Even with the small event, we had competitors from Louisiana and Connecticut.

So what is this Autocross business anyway?

You can get the official dictionary definition here on the Sports Car Club of America's (SCCA) website. Who knows why but the SCCA calls Autocross, "Solo". A more relatable way to describe Autocross is as a roller coaster you get to control. It is an adrenaline rush behind the wheel of just about any car you own!

At the Wiregreass region we setup a course with traffic cones first thing event day, drivers register at the control tent, walk the course to learn where to go and then prepare their cars for competition.


Thank you folks for another great event.  The weather attempted to slow us down, but we learned that we are not weathermen.  The new format worked extremely well also.  I think if it was a hot and miserable day being done shortly after 1:30 would not have been too bad. 

Jesse stole the RAW time with a run 5 blitz.  Wes took PAX after a session long battle.  This course was a thinker.  Doing it right didn't feel right until the back 3rd.

Thank you for being good stewards of the site.  Join us later in the month for our monthly meeting.  We are actually going to have one this time.  The format for our July event hasn't been decided yet, but we'll let you know something when we do.  I hope you managed to stay dry and have a good month.


May 2017

Thanks for another great event. It was a little toasty in the afternoon, but we blasted through the event and had almost an hour of fun runs. This course had some technical parts that made it difficult to master the course as a whole.

Nate took top PAX and Jerry took top RAW times for the day. I think we can all say the first left and the right after the slalom were tough to conquer. The S2000 squad ruled the 30's.

Keep in mind future spectators will need to fill out a weekend membership waiver to be allowed on course. We will run two different arm band colors from this point forward to aid in this. I need your help with anyone you may invite on site. We will run a modified format in June and July due to the heat. Stay tuned for more details and thanks for all you do. 


Jeffrey West STU #27 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI