Hello and Merry Christmas!

Look what Santa brought the Wiregrass Region! A new website! I hope you like it, you grinches. It should be much easier for us to maintain and update. And, as a SCCAWiregrass.org first, the site is fully mobile compliant! The final design is not quite ready, but I think this sharp, clean, and bright site is off to a good start.

I hope you and your loved ones got all the speed bits that where on your list and I hope someone threw in some purple crack under the tree for good measure.

Thank you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.
The Web Master

Thank you for another great event.  We ran a bit slow initially, but with a lot of hustle from you we were able to get all 8 runs in and finish at a decent time.  We are fortunate to get 8 runs at each event.  I want to thank the Gulf Coast and Dixie family for always being helpful.  If you missed this event, check out the photos floating around.  Thanks to Gulf coast and