Thank you for another great event.  We ran a bit slow initially, but with a lot of hustle from you we were able to get all 8 runs in and finish at a decent time.  We are fortunate to get 8 runs at each event.  I want to thank the Gulf Coast and Dixie family for always being helpful.  If you missed this event, check out the photos floating around.  Thanks to Gulf coast and

Drew Piper and his guest for their awesome photos.  Everyone should check them out. 

Jesse and the POS2000 took FTD, when not putting on a clinic of how to destroy a course, while the Mark piloted their M3 to top PAX.

As each year comes to a close we are faced with saying bye to old officers and welcoming new blood to help run the region.  We are all volunteers and take on this task beyond our existing work and family schedules.  Russ will be stepping down as Assistant RE and will be replaced with Nate G.  Wes is staying on as treasurer and will be assisted by Jesse W.  I will be staying on as RE for the upcoming year.  Contrary to what happens on site or what is said we are here to run events and help the region grow.  If you should have any concerns or comments please share your ideas with us.  Remember you can always assist and take on another job beyond chasing cones.  Thanks again and we are looking forward to another exciting year.  See on January 8th and remember to preregister. 


R. McCloud
Regional Executive