Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying a beautiful day hitting cones.  We had a slow start, but thanks to everyone for chipping in and helping.

Romesh and Nathan fought over FTD all day.  It was the SP showdown we never even knew we needed.  Some old members visited too

Thank you to our service members both present and past. 


Due to the unforeseen chaos of Hurricane Michael, we are going to cancel our October event.  We have numerous members without power and displaced from their homes.  We also don't know the condition of roadways between you and us.  I'd rather us all stay safe.  We hope you and your family are all safe and well.  Stuff can be replaced, but people cannot.  


“We few, we happy few...” Fifteen Drivers took to Hunt Stagefield today to participate in Autocross Event #07. The weather cooperated wonderfully, providing partial relief from the usual heatwave we experience on site. FTD went to our local GRM Superstar Jesse Waymire in his F Prepared POS2000. At the end of the day, Wes Hughson’s Street Tire Clad Chariot managed to wrangle the Top PAX spot away from Jesse by a mere 0.011-seconds. Join us in two weeks for Autocross #8!

Arty Gallegos

The minor waiver procedure has changed with SCCA.  We need your help to make sure our paperwork is correct and your minor can enjoy the event with you.  Please have your paperwork in order before bringing your minor on site.  If you have any questions please ask. 

  • Only necessary for minor drivers (5-17 years old), passengers (12-17 years old or 57” tall) or minor workers (12-17 years old) entering “hot” areas (staging, grid, start, finish, course) that hold an SCCA membership or a weekend membership.
  • Children under 12 years old (except Junior drivers) are not permitted in “hot” areas (staging, grid, start, finish, course) per the Solo Rules section 1.3.2.O; a waiver is not necessary for them.
  • Use “SCCA Minor Official 1068 09 15” (printed in the lower right corner) for minor drivers (5-17 years old) or minor workers (12-17 years old) when witnessed and signed by an adult SCCA member.
  • BOTH parents’ signatures must be present and witnessed. One parent signature on the waiver is not valid.
  • Minors must sign the second page and be witnessed.
  • The Region should retain the original and send it to SCCA Member Services. A copy (or a second form with “COPY” written on it) can be shown until the hard card is issued.
  • If a parent/guardian has sole legal custody, have the parent/guardian complete and sign Waiver - Affidavit of Sole Custody - 2017-04-07 stating he/she has sole custody and no other parent/guardian has a lawful claim to custody of the minor. Only in this case, one parent/guardian signature is acceptable.

Takeaways here are children under 5 aren't allowed in "hot" areas.  Minors accessing hot areas need a waiver signed need a weekend membership. Forms must also be in color and not black/white. 


Due to most of the Wiregrass, Gulf Coast, and Dixie Region Officers attending the National Championships in Lincoln, we need to delay our September event until hopefully Sept. 23rd.  We would like to avoid this in the future by teaching more people how to run events.  If you are interested in learning to run the computer, design courses, becoming a safety steward, or learning how to tech inspect cars and are going to be autocrossing long term, please let Rodney/Nate/Wes/Jesse know.


Jesse Waymire

FP167 POS2000 guy