Our first Gulf Coast and Wiregrass combined event was a great combination of members and regions.  Thanks to Gulf Coast for all the hands they brought out to help set up.

FTD was claimed by Wes with Mark 0.054 behind.  Nate was 0.118 behind Wes in PAX.  I think those times would have come down a bit more if the weather would have held out.

Thanks to everyone that stuck around to help us load up the truck.  It definitely went quickly with so many hands.  I hope you all made it home safe considering the changing weather conditions.   I hope you see you in October. The results are available on the right on your computer monitor. If you are on your phone the results are at the bottom of the site. 



The following Featured Garage auto blog was brought to you by Home Depot. It is a humorous look at the August autocross. It has the required auto blog up the nose shots along with some good editing and cone carnage. Be warned there is some adult language. 

Rated-R jpbRated-R contains adult language


Welcome to the wild and wonderful hell months of Wiregrass SCCA autocross.  With a heat index of 110F, Wes Hughson takes Top Pax, followed by Nathan Gordon and his shiny new trailer, and Jesse Waymire who could only coax his car to make 2 runs before the POS2000 passed out from the heat.  Raw times had Jesse, followed by Wes and Nate. Even with the small event, we had competitors from Louisiana and Connecticut.

The August event was a continuation of the 5 run format followed by fun runs for those that wanted to participate.   First run group had glorious sunshine for 5 runs, second run group saw a little rain during 2nd and 3rd runs, but most of the 4th runs were dry.  Thanks to the Canekeratnes for designing a fast course with relatively few slow spots and lots of slaloms.  They brought out the DSP car, which we haven’t seen in awhile; I think they got tired of dominating in the FS car.  We saw the return of the Keene’s who showed up in fashion with not one, but two Lotus’ and won the award for most spectacular paddock; lots of shiny things.  The only thing that would have had a chance at beating them would have been an air-conditioned room.  We saw our first 2017 Honda Civic R


Thank you folks for another great event.  The weather attempted to slow us down, but we learned that we are not weathermen.  The new format worked extremely well also.  I think if it was a hot and miserable day being done shortly after 1:30 would not have been too bad. 

Jesse stole the RAW time with a run 5 blitz.  Wes took PAX after a session long battle.  This course was a thinker.  Doing it right didn't feel right until the back 3rd.

Thank you for being good stewards of the site.  Join us later in the month for our monthly meeting.  We are actually going to have one this time.  The format for our July event hasn't been decided yet, but we'll let you know something when we do.  I hope you managed to stay dry and have a good month.