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 Twenty-two competitors made their way to Hunt this month with hopes of fast times and good fun. Nate delivered once again with a challenging course for those willing to take it on. May definitely welcomed some warmer temperatures, reminding us that indeed, “the heat is on!"

SMF 142


Hello all,
Due to a helicopter on the stagefield, the region wasn't allowed on site today.  please watch this website and facebook for a possible makeup date.  If you want to see the biggest autocross in the region, please join us at South Georgia Motorsports Park next weekend the 16-18th for the SCCA Dixie Championship Tour.  The event is sold out, but lots of awesome cars will be there to watch.

In the FIRST PERENNIAL Dixiegrass event, the infamous Wiregrass van storage guy, Nathan Gordan, takes home top PAX, followed by Dixie Wheelman Mark Canekeratne, and Wiregrass legend Wes Hughson.  In overall times, I (Jesse Waymire)  took FTD by 1.2 seconds over Mark, with Nate running the 3rd fastest time.  Rain made this an unusual event for us as we tried to wait it out, with it finally stopping in time for a late driver's meeting/tech/course marking/parade laps so we could have a dryish line.  With the sun finally out and a late start, we got to enjoy a great course designed by Romesh Canekeratne.  It featured several very large radius turns to get a feel for the balance of your car.  If it was going to understeer or oversteer, you were going to find out.

Thanks for showing up and all the help and to the Dixie guys for coming up with the DixieGrass idea and help,

Jesse Waymire



The late October event was supposed to be a ten run format but once again Nate got in the way with his slow course setup. Once again Wes takes the top spot! It was a beautiful day for it. There were a lot of changes this month and we would appreciate any comments or input. I’m pretty sure Jesse Waymire has some major cone hate going on this evening after he coned away his fastest runs. I guess the bright side of those dirty cones is they stopped Wes from TOTAL DOMINATION!!!


STR38 Nate