The August event was a continuation of the 5 run format followed by fun runs for those that wanted to participate.   First run group had glorious sunshine for 5 runs, second run group saw a little rain during 2nd and 3rd runs, but most of the 4th runs were dry.  Thanks to the Canekeratnes for designing a fast course with relatively few slow spots and lots of slaloms.  They brought out the DSP car, which we haven’t seen in awhile; I think they got tired of dominating in the FS car.  We saw the return of the Keene’s who showed up in fashion with not one, but two Lotus’ and won the award for most spectacular paddock; lots of shiny things.  The only thing that would have had a chance at beating them would have been an air-conditioned room.  We saw our first 2017 Honda Civic R

and with three drivers, the car performed flawlessly and was fun to watch.  Isaac Helvin took the Civic R win over owner O’neal Boswell.  I hope they caught the autocross bug and decide to come out again so that I can beg a drive.  Jesse Waymire took top raw time in his Honda S2000 go cart, even with a fuel starvation/fouling plugs issue, he still proved to be ridiculous fast.  Nate Gordon gets coach of the day award for such inspiring statements like “…you need to flat foot the slalom” and “…dude I’m on the limiter through the whole slalom.”  He was right, you can flat foot the slalom; it took me 5 runs to figure it out and I still don’t believe it.  I hope he keeps sharing!  Thanks Nate.


STR 98
Wiregrass Treasurer